Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ordinary to me...

Taking those mushrooms and cooking them, then eating them right up. Red and white mushrooms. They’re not very tasty, but they do amazing things. The phase doesn’t hurt. It’s slow, but painless. You feel all of your senses getting better, and then you shrink to wolf size. It’s not really that big of a deal. We run through the city in slick silence. It’s a beautiful feeling, bounding through the streets on all fours. But it has made me more angry. And that’s not always safe. The wolf in me gets out when I’ve got intense emotion. I get into kill mode, and it’s really difficult to get out. I become spiteful of humans when I’m that way. My crew and I tag the walls of our city with faces of our brothers, wolves. They’re keeping watch of the city for us.
We are creatures of the night. We are magnificent for a while. We are no longer the dirt poor, dirty, rude, bitter teens that Birmingham knows us as. We are beautiful.

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