Sunday, December 18, 2011

Marc and Val's secret romance.

That awkward moment when your best friend and your brother are always flirting. Val and Marc have gotten a bit too close lately, and it's creeping me out. It's not like it bothers me that my brother is in love with my best friend. It's just when other people know that it starts to creep me out. I guess I'm being selfish, but Marc should know that my friends are off limits. My dorky little brother and my best friend are never allowed to be together.


the death of Daniel Morning

Daniel Morning is going to Cornell. That's all the way on the other side of the country. How are we going to travel the world together if he goes all the way to New York. Everything he told me was a lie. Angie Walton revealed him. He's a piece of shit liar and all I can do about it is cry. He knows everything about me, and I don't know anything about him. He tried to talk to me today, and Mark shoved him to the ground in front of all of his friends. He beat him, and kicked him, and got suspended, just for me.

The Daniel Morning Project

Val and I have come up with this plan. We're going to seduce Daniel Morning into loving me one way or another. I know he's interested in me, but that stupid girlfriend of his is getting in the way. Angie Walton doesn't deserve him. And, he's probably got her crotch critters jumping all over him. The poor boy. Either way, I want him. And I'm known for getting what I want.

From the Diary of Misty Sandlin

Mom's been working late again. That means that Mark thinks he can get away with anything. I hate having to lay down the rules with him because he acts like I'm attacking him. He uses the "You're not mom, Misty, so stop trying to be her," card. I hate it because it makes me feel like I'm trying to be the boss of him, which is not the case at all. I'm trying to protect him from those thugs he hangs out with. He thinks I'm being dramatic when I say they're a bad influence on him, but really, they are!

I hate feeling like I'm the bad guy. I told him I would make it up to him. So tonight, we're planning on tagging the place that all hell breaks loose. School. We're going to go in there and tag everything, including Principal Louis' office. Tonight's the night Mark remembers what a cool sister he has.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ordinary to me...

Taking those mushrooms and cooking them, then eating them right up. Red and white mushrooms. They’re not very tasty, but they do amazing things. The phase doesn’t hurt. It’s slow, but painless. You feel all of your senses getting better, and then you shrink to wolf size. It’s not really that big of a deal. We run through the city in slick silence. It’s a beautiful feeling, bounding through the streets on all fours. But it has made me more angry. And that’s not always safe. The wolf in me gets out when I’ve got intense emotion. I get into kill mode, and it’s really difficult to get out. I become spiteful of humans when I’m that way. My crew and I tag the walls of our city with faces of our brothers, wolves. They’re keeping watch of the city for us.
We are creatures of the night. We are magnificent for a while. We are no longer the dirt poor, dirty, rude, bitter teens that Birmingham knows us as. We are beautiful.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fangirling... you know...

Daniel Morning looked soooooo handsome today. I just wanted to rip his clothes off and lay with him for a while. I don't even understand. I haven't really felt anything for anyone since Andre fucked me over.

I remember when I went all crazy wolf thug princess on him and burned his clothes after locking him out of my yard naked. I swear he could see my eyes burn yellow. I had never let the two halves of myself so close together. It was like the warring of good and evil inside me. My human self just wanted to curl up and cry, but when I let the wolf run free in me, I turned my sadness into rage. I took his clothes off of my floor and kicked him on to the balcony. Then I burned them, and watched his naked ass shimmy down and run through the streets holding his privates. And I laughed, because the wolf in me thought it was funny.

I had only been a wolf a few times before that. But after the first time it was there.